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Many years of experience

At ELNIC Furniture, we have many years of experience in the manufacture of home furniture.

Our well-trained in the design of space and furniture staff undertakes the construction of furniture, to order.

Kitchen furniture, dining rooms, kitchen tables, small tables for the living room, TV furniture, wall units, libraries, bedroom furniture, closets, entrance furniture, bathroom furniture, and anything additional that you may need.

The materials we use are high-quality, ecological, odorless, and certified.

We produce unique furniture from oak, walnut, beech, pine, etc., in magnificent designs, impressive color combinations, creating fantastic compositions.

Many years of experience in the design and construction of furniture and spaces, either private or professional.

Expertise in furniture design, which is based on functionality, design, and elegance of the space.

Possibility for creating plans immediately, based on a specialized operating program.

We have:

  • Modern production flow, which is based on CNC machines.
  • Diligence

We support our customers by offering:

  • Immediate service
  • After sales service